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Get A Taste of Canandaigua on a Finger Lakes Food Tour!

October 22nd, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Enjoy a Canandaigua Finger Lakes Food Tour!Discover the great flavors of Canandaigua on a Finger Lakes Food Tour. These leisurely, guided food tours will introduce you to some of the area’s best kept culinary secrets. Come see what you’ve been missing!

It has often been said that it’s best to come to the Finger Lakes with a healthy appetite. The Finger Lakes region has everything from roadside diners and hipster gastropubs to innovative farm-to-table offerings and fine continental cuisine.

We’re also home to the second largest wine-producing region in the country, with more than 80 vintners producing a variety of fine, award-winning wines. Not to be outdone, our craft brewing scene is also on the rise with more than 75 microbreweries in the area. Locavores will revel in the farm-to-table wonderland that is the Finger Lakes.

The thing is, with all this great local food and drink, where does one start? It would be far too easy to miss some of the hidden gems in the area’s vast selection. That’s where a Finger Lakes Food Tour comes in!

Finger Lakes Food Tours are an excellent way to discover exceptional food and drink while also learning about the area that produced it. These leisurely, three-hour, guided food tours will introduce you to not only the area’s eateries but also remarkable chefs as well as local history, culture, and sights.

The current Finger Lakes Food Tour takes place right here in lovely Canandaigua: the Canandaigua Uptown Food Tour. Our Finger Lakes B&B, Sutherland House, is in Canandaigua, too, so we know how fabulous and worthy our restaurant scene is!

The Canandaigua Uptown Food Tour will introduce you to authentic, time-tested recipes, local craft beers, ciders, and wines, and local foodie hotspots. These food tours do more than feed your tummy, however. You’ll also be feeding your mind with culinary insights from chefs, along with lots of folklore and history tidbits. Best of all, you’ll be feeding your spirit with all the Finger Lakes natural beauty!

Canandaigua Food Tour Tasting Locations (subject to change):
Rio Tomatlan
Sweet Solutions
Eddie O’Briens
Flavors Indian Restaurant
Good Life Tea
F. Olivers Oils & Vinegars

So go ahead, come experience the best of the Finger Lakes with accommodations at Sutherland House and a Finger Lakes Food Tour. What are you waiting for?

Finger Lakes Food Tour – Uptown Canandaigua

Most Fridays and Saturdays, 12pm to 3pm
Advance ticket purchase is required. Tickets and schedules are available online.

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